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Modern African Fashion Trends for 2021

Modern African Fashion Trends for 2021

Modern African Fashion, Africa is that the world’s second-largest continent with 54 countries so fashion trends are diverse and vary from coast to coast.

Traditional African clothing, like dashiki and kaftan, and modern African print clothing are different styles compared to other parts of the planet and are often inspired by: culture, languages, wildlife, nature, food and music.

There also are many general trends utilized in African fashion that also are popular round the world. They often re-emerge from season to season including florals, African print fabric and bright colours.

While African fashion has always been bold and delightful , this blog will explore African clothing trends for 2020 and the way you’ll incorporate African clothing into your wardrobe.

2021 Modern African Fashion Trends

Adding statement puffy sleeves, like bell and trumpet shapes, to dresses and blouses are fun, chic, elegant, girly and complicated .

They are an excellent thanks to get noticed and make a fashion statement if you choose a loud and dramatic sleeve like large frills and ruffles. For a more simple, softer and female look choose bishop style sleeves.

When wearing statement sleeves it’s recommended to stay the remainder of your look minimal and classic in order that you are doing not attract attention faraway from the sleeves and appearance overly fussy.

Off The Shoulder

The ‘off the shoulder’ look was a well-liked trend within the 1980’s and may be a style statement that’s here to remain in 2020. It can help make an easy outfit look more attractive by adding more glam and elegance. This unique and versatile design is extremely easy to style and is fashionable long length dresses and tops.

Side Slits

Side slits are a well liked trend and stunning feature for long skirts and dresses. they will help to elongate your silhouette making you look taller. The slit shouldn’t start too high or low though in order that the proper amount of leg shows.


The kimono traditionally comes from Japan but perhaps thanks to the recent and humid climate of the many African countries this cool, floaty and cozy garment style has become fashionable.

Kimonos are made employing a sort of materials including cotton, silk and satin. A kimono are often made in several lengths and may transform any outfit.

They are suitable for both casual and eveningwear (depending on the design) and may even be worn on their own as a dress rather than a separate layer of clothing.


Bold animal prints are popular in men’s African fashion including cheetah spots and zebra stripes. It’s best to wear alittle amount at a time rather than from head to toe for instance , the hem of a t-shirt or a brief sleeve shirt. Wearing animal prints can portray confidence and that they look great when worn alongside bright colours.

Colourful Suits

Blue and gray suits are the foremost popular colours as they’re traditional and versatile. However, casual, relaxed and fewer formal suits, during a sort of different colours, are getting increasingly popular for men preferring to face call at a crowd and obtain noticed.

It is fun, more stylish and interesting to wear bold, colourful tailored suits. Dark green, burgundy and brown are great, easy to wear colours to start out off with. Keep the remainder of the outfit simple, for instance a clear white shirt with a black tie and shoes.

For those that are more adventurous try pastel colours including pink, green and blue shades. rather than a shirt try wearing the suit with a clear t-shirt and trainers for a more casual dressed down look.


The kaftan may be a traditional long and loose garment commonly worn in West Africa and also parts of Algeria and Morocco. they’re often worn for special occasions but also can be worn casually.

Some kaftan styles are goodbye that they’re sort of a dress. the planning are often completely plain or have some decoration usually down the centre front.

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